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We’re deeply involved in fundraising events and passionate about the purpose behind your event. What goals do you and your stakeholders have? What does success look like? We can cover these topics and more with Fundraising Event 101, The Purpose Behind Your Fundraising Event, Friendraiser vs. Fundraiser, and more! 
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Community Over Competition

We as business owners, can achieve success through partnerships with others. Building a community, over competing with one another is a sure way to boost your business and steward relationships along the way. 
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Panel Discussions

We are happy to be a member of a panel to talk all things events, event production, running a business and more. We’ve participated in panels on “Find What Fundraising Event is Right for You,” “Women in Tech and Production,” and more.

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The Future of Fundraising

Fundraising events are my jam. With over 10 years of fundraising experience in the non-profit industry, I have worked in various roles and with various organizations with limited funds and resources. These experiences have taught me the importance of ROI in a fundraising event and how to cultivate community, donor relationships and partnerships through events. A fundraising should not be treated like any other event. It should be planned and calculated to raise the most funds through budgeting, navigating your NorthStar, and procuring donations and partnerships/sponsorships. The future of fundraising events is critical, especially when considering a hybrid model while still getting the greatest ROI as possible.

The Purpose Behind Hiring Fundraising Event Professionals

Join us as we discuss the scenarios when you and your team might benefit from partnering with event professionals on your fundraising event, and when it financially makes sense to do so. We’ll explain how you might be leaving money on the table and topics will include insights on event managers, fundraising strategy, professional auctioneers, and more. You can focus on the purpose of your event – raising funds and building relationships, we can cover the rest.

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