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Events are our jam. With over 11 years of fundraising experience, our goal is to produce purposeful events and help organizations stay true to their mission, purpose, and budget while planning an event. We look forward to serving you.


The Future of Fundraising Events

Take a look at our bite-sized session from the #Untethered2021 Conference – “The Future of Fundraising Events”.

Are fundraising events the best way to raise money? Will the future of fundraising events adapt with the event industry? With the increase in expenses during hybrid events, we will discuss the value of fundraising events in the non-profit world and provide tangible tips to amp up your fundraising event success.

Floor Planning & Vendor Management Tips for Events Pros

Planning an in-person or hybrid event? Is the event at a venue? Are there vendors involved? These quick tips are for you!


Quick Tips to Jump Start Your Fundraising Event Plans

1. Friend-raiser or Fundraiser?
2. Budget
3. Date / Program
4. Sponsorship